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The ancient Greeks believed this was the source that connected, flowed in, out, and through all of life. Connecting the inner with the outer. The source of natural growth in all of life; plant and animal. Your nature. Regarding the human body, as long as there is balance, there is health.

Physis is about reconnecting with your nature, connecting the inner and the outer, and finding your balance. Finding this balance through fitness is the key to life, to everything. It is the base. You have control over whether you exercise or not, what you eat or don't.

In a world that can feel so out of control, this is one area where you have it. So this can be very grounding and reassuring. It's something that you can focus on when life feels out of focus. Plus it has great benefits! Once you start working on physical issues, it can be a springboard for evolving towards balance on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Everything is connected. And I love to connect with people this way. When I help someone move towards health, they also help me on my path. Through teaching you learn.